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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Gafni & Levin represents general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and soil engineers in a wide variety of complex construction defect litigation and delay damages claims. The firms practice also includes bringing and defending against mechanics lien, collection, and breach of contract of matters arising out of construction disputes.

Representative clients in the field include real estate professionals such as architects, engineers, real estate brokers and salespersons in matters involving allegations of negligence, fraud, and breach of contract matters. They also counsel architects in contract formation and negotiation.

The firm also represents owners, investors, partners, and developers in complex real estate litigation, quiet title actions, and fraud litigation throughout California, including commercial development, multi-family development and vacant land.

Finally, Gafni & Levin attorneys have extensive experience drafting and negotiating real estate option purchase agreements, purchase/sale agreements, and related agreements for investors and owners in the real estate industry. They also regularly counsel commercial landlords and commercial tenants in lease negotiations and commercial lease litigation.

Our Process

1. Investigation and Communication with the Client

As part of our initial investigation with client, we will seek to understand the client’s business needs and goals. We strive to arrive at realistic expectations of the case as well as time line and cost.

2. Explore Alternatives

We will explore alternatives and strategize with the client and their advisors concerning the needs in the matter. We want to ensure that clients consult with tax advisors and necessary stake holders in the issues.

3. Drafting

We will draft the necessary documents and seek input from the client concerning their key issues.

4. Follow through / Feedback

We will follow through and typically obtain feedback from the client concerning their key issues and work with opposing parties to try to arrive at agreement.

Representative Matters

Family Owned Real Estate Group

Represent family owned real estate group in acquiring commercial shopping center, due diligence, lease review, and drafting of new commercial leases.

National storage company

Corporate formation and commercial property acquisition. Represent a national storage company and groups of investors in formation of corporations through purchase/sale of existing storage locations and/or potential development opportunities.

Westside Los Angeles Neighbor Boundary/Easement Dispute

Represented homeowner against neighbor in boundary, easement dispute for garage built across property line and for other nuisance behavior. After filing suit in state court, the matter resolved through mediation.

Single family home owner v. general contractor and subcontractors

Los Angeles County Superior Court, State Court California: Construction defect matter representing plaintiff in Los Angeles County Superior Court, State of California. In this matter, the homeowners experienced hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages due to alleged remodeling of their single family home. After extensive litigation, and multiple rounds of mediation, after obtaining a pre-judgment writ of attachment for the contract amount against contractor, the matter resolved to the homeowners satisfaction.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Represent commercial real estate broker by assisting in review of fee agreements, complex commercial real estate transactions, and ground lease and financing agreements.

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